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Garage construction in Phoenix

Our general contractors in Phoenix will build a new garage addition for you (or remodel your existing carport or garage to meet your needs). Our licensed garage builders in Phoenix AZ have decades of experience in new construction as well as conversion of a carport in to a garage, serving the entire Phoenix area. We can also renovate your existing garage (from adding a few storage cabinets to converting the garage in to a bedroom or an Arizona room, etc...). In addition to construction of new garages in Phoenix AZ, be aware that our garage contractors also provide many other services to home owners. To see a full list, click construction services in Phoenix AZ.

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Construction of a new garage in Phoenix, AZ?

One of our garage builders built this 500 square foot free-standing detached garage addition as a home renovation project. Here is one of our garage construction experts checking the alignment along one of on the walls. One of the first stages of building the detached free-standing garage addition was pouring the foundation. Here you can see two of our construction workers spreading the wet cement through a hose and and using another tool for spreading it around evenly. By the way, yes, the one on the right does have on a hat for an NFL team far away from Arizona. We respect that some of these snowbirds may prefer winning teams over local teams who have had a lot of losing seasons lately. We still loved the Cardinals even years ago when they were playing like they were wading waist-deep in wet cement. Who won the NFC West in 2015? Arizona! Then again, the Packers did win their division 4 out of the last 5 years (which is not quite as good as the Patriots, who have won 12 out of the last 13). Back to the foundation for this new detached garage, here is a close-up showing the form boards (the wood across the bottom) which are used to shape the wet cement in to a nice rectangle while it dries. In the top left, you can also see a closer look at those very fashionable white boots that the builders wear when pouring the foundation. Here is our garage builders pouring the cement foundation for the detached garage Here is the cement solidifying after our garage builders poured the concrete slab for the detached garage The foundation is complete and level plus the walls are in progress. The front wall is the last exterior wall built on the new garage. That one will include some strong horizontal beams where we install overhead garage doors. The final wall is an interior wall. With that wall, this detached addition will include two enclosed spaces. Both of the two sides of the building can be used as a one-car garage, but the home owner is also planning to use one side of the addition as a workshop and storage space. Here is one of the prior pictures again. This is the last picture we had of this as of the time of publishing this page. there was much more to do including insulating the walls, adding electrical outlets and drywall sheets, then installing the garage doors and openers, plus adding a new shingle roof and finishing the doorways.

"How much will building my garage cost?

If price is a major concern for you, let your estimator know that up front. Naturally, there are several obvious factors in the total cost to build a garage. Here are two huge factors:

First is the size (including the peak height). Next is whether some of the construction is already done (like a cement foundation is present and/or there is an existing wall where the new garage will be "attached" to the house).

On the low end, costs of only $8,000 (for building a small one-car garage addition) are sometimes possible, as detailed in this report: garage additions & conversions. Conversions of an existing carport to a garage can cost as little as half of that (or, rarely, even less than half).

On the high end, detached 3-car garages with barn-style second-level lofts (or a 2nd story) can cost at least as much as it would to build a guest house. This report shows a chart of several renovations along with the average cost and average increase of future resale value, including garage additions with building expenses ranging up to $50,000 or even $80,000.

On average, new construction of a wood-framed detached garage near Phoenix can cost from under $40 per square foot to over $45 per square foot. That is a decent starting range for calculating possible costs (not considering other common expenses like adding to the existing driveway etc).

So, for a 2-car garage, the typical sizes are between 400 and 600 square feet. Therefore, the costs to build a detached 2-car garage can range from well under $20k up to $25k (or higher).

Whatever size your new garage will be (from a little 1-car garage to a huge 3-car / RV garage with multiple levels, etc), you can request multiple estimates through this link: garage construction in Phoenix AZ. Again, if price is a major concern for you, save everyone's time by simply letting the estimator know.

For some people, their biggest priority is matching the garage to the exact appearance of their home (from the roofing materials down to the lighting accessories). Other people tell us, "I mainly just need it to be legal and usable!"

A few other factors in the cost of building your new garage will be the exterior materials, the roofing materials, and the slope of the roof (peaked, flat, barely sloped, etc). What about windows? Also, will four walls need to be built (like for a free-standing detached garage)? Or only two or three walls? Last, what will the walls be made of: standard wood framing, stucco, brick, mason block, panel siding, or something else?

If you want to know more details about how different features and options will effect the final cost, ask your estimator. To request a free phone consultation now, click here: garage construction estimates in Phoenix AZ.

"How long will building my garage take?"

As for time, it is possible for one of our construction contractors in Phoenix to build you an entire small garage from the ground up in one weekend, although larger jobs will take a few weeks at a minimum. Garage additions built according to common floor plan designs can be approved quickly for permits, then completed quickly, and will typically pass inspection by city officials with absolutely no complications or surprises. In contrast, for custom construction projects involving unusual building plans, just getting all the engineering drawings done (and the building permit approved) can take about as long as the actual construction of the garage.

Obviously, if you are selecting one of the more common models of garage door to be installed, those will not need to be special-ordered. For additional general information on issues to consider when planning to build a new garage addition in Arizona, click building a new garage.

HomeAdvisor reports that most garages in the Phoenix area cost between $8,300 and $41,000 to build, with an average of almost $25,000. The Nationwide average is several thousand dollars higher.
(The first chart below shows data complied from only EIGHTEEN projects as of January 2017 - and a few months ago the listed average cost for a new garage in Phoenix was only $18,000.).

Here is a detailed slideshow of some of the first stages in the construction of the above attached RV garage (plus an extension on the master bedroom and a bell tower). For details, put your mouse over each image.

RV Garage construction in Phoenix AZ
building an RV Garage
a view of one side of the new RV garage during construction. Here is the next stage, with the rear wall of the garage and the second side wall (to the left). Note that on the right of the photo, the front wall of the RV garage (where the garage door will be) has already been framed and that section is leaning at a slight angle. another angle of that same stage of construction. Notice the tower that accents the front entry. Our garage builders also built that at the same time as building the custom garage. Here you can see the stonework on the tower, plus the sidewalk leading up to it. The tall structure at the far left is the new RV garage. another angle showing off the new curb appeal Finally, at the same home, here is a room addition that was added to the side of the master bedroom. The new addition is actually just a large walk-in closet. The closet goes 8 feet beyond the bedroom and is 20 feet deep, adding 160 square feet to the total interior of this  house.
Here is an attached garage under construction:

Here is an attached garage under construction.
Here is the home just prior to adding the garage:

Here is the home just prior to adding the garage.

Converting a garage to living space in AZ?

This guest bedroom also has an attached bathroom (not shown): bedroom-converted-from-garage

To hear a review of a garage conversion in Phoenix, click here: garage converted to stand-alone apartment/ in-law suite

Here is the space before the garage was converted in to a bedroom: garage before conversion

Do you need a new garage even though you have one?

Many people who are interested in our contractors building a new garage for them will already have a garage. Maybe you are converting your existing garage to some other use and you would like for us to build you a new carport or garage.

Or, perhaps you are considering a partial conversion or remodel of your current garage so that it can still be used as a garage, but can be remodeled for a new primary use (like as a guest bedroom or home office). In that case, it will still be capable of legally functioning as covered parking for your vehicle. That can be very important if you ever want to sell your home (plus, if you violate a requirement for covered parking, that can results in fines, which can be a very unpleasant surprise).

For a short explanation of partial vs. full conversions, plus a small gallery of examples, click here: conversions. For even more examples and background information, click here: remodeling a garage for some other use.

Converting a carport to a garage in Phoenix?

Here is a garage built in Arizona as a conversion of an existing carport. conversion-to-garage-from-carport-in-phoenix-az-before-and-after

To hear audio reviews of our carport-to-garage conversion specialist, click here: carport conversions in Phoenix

Here is how the home looked with a carport and the original paint: carport-converted-to-garage-in-phoenix-az-before-then-after

Need a new carport built from the ground up?

This carport was added next to what used to be an enclosed garage: This carport was added next to what used to be an enclosed garage.
On the left is the garage that was converted in to a home office: On the left is the garage that was converted in to a home office.

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