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Which water damage restoration company in Phoenix should you choose?

Should you choose one that lets you hear audio testimonials from real past clients...
or companies with lots of 1-star reviews and complaints for negligence and dishonesty?


Before you choose which damage restoration company in Phoenix to hire, wouldn't you like to hear a few short recordings of our past clients around central Arizona saying why they so strongly recommend that you hire us? To hear what our grateful clients say about our damage restoration company (and even why some of them regret hiring other companies in Phoenix before they found out about us), click the link above.

"Finally... a water damage restoration company in Phoenix that actually understands!"

Our contractors are licensed and insured, plus they have provided water damage restoration for decades. We respect you and we understand that your life may have just gotten extremely stressful. We can help you move gracefully through the inconvenience, cost, and uncertainty of your repairs.

You know that you need expert help. What you probably do not know is how to tell which company in Phoenix is the best one to do your water damage restoration, right?

Let us help you with that! Ask us about our audio testimonials from actual clients. You can even request a link to our A+ BBB listing through the contact form on the left. So, for you to "move gracefully" through this unfamiliar situation, you want guidance from someone that makes you feel comfortable, right?

So, imagine that your water damage restoration service is kind of like learning to dance. If the music does not have a steady rhythm that is at a pace that works for you, you want a dance instructor who notices that and adjusts the tempo for you. They can select simple, fun songs that they know very well and that you know too. They help you to be both relaxed and focused. They notice common mistakes and sources of confusion, plus they are very at ease about helping to correct any errors and move things forward at the right pace for you.

You want a stable, perceptive partner (or instructor) who is confident about their own abilities and who leads you in a way that has you moving smoothly and gracefully. In that case, you can learn to dance at the right rhythm for you and you will feel comfortable letting them lead, because you can tell that they are relaxed, confident, and capable. Once you see them get started, you will see the ease and strength of each step that they take.

Is your water damage restoration service going to be as much fun as learning to dance? Probably a little less fun. However, once you select our company for the damage restoration, there will not really be much for you to do. Our experts do all the work. (You won't even be sore the next day like you might from a night of having "too much fun" while dancing.)

"Should I choose an insured, licensed company to do my water damage restoration?"

We strongly recommend it. Not only does our restoration team come with a license from the Arizona R.O.C., with an insured bond, and with a great BBB rating (A+), but there are also several reviews on the right side of the page for you to read (plus several that you can listen to here: How to choose the right restoration company in Arizona for you. You can HEAR for yourself why so many people in Phoenix recommend that you hire this company for your water damage restoration.

We respect that when you are inviting people in to your home for major repairs or even just to detect the source of a leak, you want skilled experts that are a pleasure to have in your household, right? Because we understand how stressful an emergency repair can be, that's why we have the best reviews in Arizona, including from our many associates in the insurance industry as well as from property management companies (for water damage restoration at residential homes and commercial buildings in Phoenix).

"I talked to reps from a few restoration companies here in Mesa, but only this one was tuning in to exactly what I actually wanted. What a relief that someone finally really listened! I felt immediately comfortable from the very first phone call."

"We were skeptical that they would be able to finish the fire damage restoration service as fast as they said, but... they sure did. We are really pleased that what they were able to make the repairs in such a way that everything goes together so well. The new renovations blend in perfectly."

"After some hail storm damage, I got a bid from a big roofing contractor in Phoenix to repair my roof damage (and I was prepared to pay that entire amount out-of-pocket), but then my son-in-law told me to call here for a restoration estimate. In short, he arranged for me to get my entire roof replaced (with a totally brand new roof) & the insurance company paid for it. WOW!"

"His numbers were very different from what my friends in Scottsdale were all telling me. However, everything worked out just like he said it would. I was quite impressed. The repairs were excellent and the company was very professional."

Need a free estimate, restoration bid, or an in-person consultation? If so, click the image below now!

In addition to emergency roof repairs and emergency damage restoration services in Phoenix AZ,
we also provide many other services. To see a full list, click services in AZ.

Emergency restoration services in AZ: Flood damage, storm damage, & more

For instance, to owners of homes and commercial buildings in Phoenix, we will provide you emergency restoration services to repair damage caused by hail, storms, flooding, water, mold, wind, fire, and smoke. Fire damage can be the most extensive and obvious, including the lasting scent of smoke. Water damage can also be extensive, but is not always as obvious. After a storm or leak , the moisture can accumulate rapidly and then suddenly overflow and flood into the ceiling, walls, and floors. Or, if the water is leaking very slowly, then there can be serious problems with mold within a few days.

Roofs repair for hail storm damage in Phoenix AZ

Finally, if there have been heavy winds or a hail storm recently and you are concerned about damage to the roof of your home in AZ, then we recommend that you contact us immediately. We can assess the damage to your roof, ceilings, and attic, then review your insurance coverage and even warranty coverage. Many roofs come with long periods of warranty coverage which can save you the money that you would otherwise pay out-of-pocket for an insurance deductible when we replace or repair your roof for you in greater Phoenix.

If you are confident that there is no leak in to your attic or ceilings, you can still have even small repairs done fast by 5-star roofers. Listen to these audio recommendations of why you should hire our roof repair experts (by clicking this link : the best roof repair company in Phoenix), and then contact us today. We repair asphalt shingle roofs, tile roofs, flat roofs,as well as offer free repair estimates to home owners in AZ.

Mold damage inspections & remediation in Phoenix AZ

Mold damage can be difficult for the average homeowner in Phoenix AZ to recognize, so our inspection specialists come equipped to make precise tests and measurements. Your homeowner's insurance will cover some types of mold damage, such as from a burst pipes. If there has been water damage to your home or building in Phoenix AZ within the last few days, then it is extremely important for you to contact us immediately so that we can prevent the added complication of mold contamination (and the need for extensive remediation services).