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In Goodyear & need a roof inspection, repair estimate, or in-person consultation?

If you are in Goodyear, Arizona or nearby, we are looking forward to speaking with you to give you the information that you need to choose if you will hire our roofing contractors in Goodyear AZ.

Need a roof inspection in Phoenix AZ?

"How often should I get my roof in Goodyear, AZ inspected?"

Need a remodeling estimate, restoration bid, or roof inspection in Phoenix AZ? Whenever there is a hail storm in your neighborhood, it makes sense to quickly request a free roof inspection. If there is any damage, why not find out fast so that there is no chance of your warranty coverage expiring? So, if you suspect that your roof in Goodyear MIGHT have been damaged, then of course you should get your roof inspected... since it is free!

However, did you know that your roof in Goodyear should also be inspected regularly (even if you are not aware of possible damage from a hail storm)? For "snowbirds" who only live here in Goodyear during the cooler parts of the year, they may be unaware of the beating that their roof takes every summer from the scorching heat of the Arizona desert, from the occasional hail storm, and from the dusty, gusting winds of the monsoon season.

Need a remodeling estimate, restoration bid, or roof inspection in Phoenix AZ? Many first time home-buyers in Arizona might not realize yet that, unless your home in Goodyear was just built, it may have a warranty on the roof that is approaching expiration. You definitely want to get your roof in Goodyear inspected prior to the end of that warranty. If you do not know how long is left in your warranty, contact us and we will help you get the relevant information quickly.

When your roof is still covered under the materials warranty, then your home insurance company may be much more eager to authorize repairs (because they will actually pass the cost on to the warranty provider). If the repairs needed are serious enough, you may qualify to get your entire roof in Goodyear replaced through your insurance policy. Since making a claim does not alter the rate on your home insurance premium (unlike with car insurance), you might as well let us document the condition of your roof and then make the request for you to get new roofing at no great cost to you.

So, depending on the exact materials of your roofing, we recommend taking the precaution of an inspection when your roof is about 10 years old. If you have asphalt shingle roofing in Goodyear, you may want to request an inspection every single year after the tenth year. Asphalt singles do not last as long in the desert area of Goodyear AZ as in most of the US. So, roof warranties that are based on nationwide averages will typically cover your roof long after your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Insurance companies know that, but you may have never heard of that detail, especially if this will be your first roof replacement in Goodyear, Arizona.

Also, prior to the purchase of the home, an assessment of the condition of the roof can be a very high priority for the prospective buyer. If the homeowner or prospective buyer has any questions about the remaining lifetime of the roof, then the roof inspector can provide them with informed answers. Of course, if there is current need for roof repair or replacement, or even just warning signs of future issues, that is all good to know as soon as possible.

Need a remodeling estimate, restoration bid, or roof inspection in Phoenix AZ? To request your free roof inspection, contact us now using the form on the left. We have some additional information (about our roofing services in Goodyear and the unique issues of roofs in Arizona) on this page: Goodyear's best roofing contractors.

Need a remodeling estimate, restoration bid, or roof inspection in Phoenix AZ?

"I talked to reps from a few companies here in Mesa, but only this one was tuning in to exactly what I actually wanted. What a relief that someone finally really listened! I felt immediately comfortable from the very first phone call."

These remodeling contractors in Mesa AZ really listened to what I wanted. They are the best!

"We have been fortunate enough to purchase and restore a few run down houses at foreclosure auctions in Arizona. We have hired a few repair companies in Phoenix and actually were actually quite disappointed with most of them. Then we found Scott and Angel and they did a great job on replacing two collapsing roofs. We were so impressed with this company that we also used Dane and John for some interior remodeling and converting a carport to a garage. We recommend these guys to absolutely everyone in the Phoenix area. They are very easy people to work with, plus very good at what they do."

These roofers and remodeling contractors in Phoenix AZ really listened to what I wanted. They are the best!

"After some hail storm damage, I got a bid from a big roofing contractor in Phoenix to repair my roof (and I was prepared to pay that entire amount out-of-pocket), but then my aunt told me to call here for a restoration estimate. In short, he arranged for me to get my entire roof replaced (with a totally brand new roof) & the insurance company paid for it. WOW!"

My roof was damaged by a hail storm in Phoenix AZ, so I called this RESTORATION company & got a replacement roof paid for almost entirely by my insurance coverage.

"We were skeptical that they would be able to finish the restoration service as fast as they said, but... they sure did. We are really pleased that what they were able to make the repairs in such a way that everything goes together so well."

These remodeling contractors in Phoenix AZ really listened to what I wanted. They are the best!

"His numbers were very different from what my realtor friends in Scottsdale were all telling me. However, everything worked out just like he said it would. I was quite impressed. The service was excellent and the company was very professional."

My roof was damaged by a hail storm in Phoenix AZ, so I called this RESTORATION company & got a replacement roof paid for almost entirely by my insurance coverage.

"How accurate are your remodeling & renovation estimates?"

When our specialist meets you in Goodyear to provide an estimate, he will discuss your priorities for your renovation project and then inspect the current condition of the building. The estimate provided will be as accurate as possible, including a customized quote relating to the specific materials that you select. Plus, in addition to the issue of custom building materials, note that some services are simply easier or harder to estimate than others.

For instance, occasionally, there can be problems hidden from view, such as from moisture or mold behind drywall or termites. From decades of experience, our estimators know what to look for and will take the time to give you a realistic estimate for your renovation or remodeling project. If you know of any possible issues with the building that you think MIGHT be important to mention, please ask our estimator about those concerns.

Also, in some cases, we offer supplemental services beyond what would be covered in a free inspection. That can include thorough testing for mold and moisture (from slows leaks or even flooding from pipes that burst years before you occupied the building there in Goodyear).

As noted above, the building materials that you select can also influence the total of your estimate (and you can modify your selection at any time prior to ordering service). Many home improvements will use standard materials, which will make it easier for the estimator to provide a more precise bid (and for you to compare one generic bid to another generic bid). However, if the job includes a lot of customized materials, like installing new cabinets or a countertop in the kitchen, then the materials cost will depend greatly on your preferences.

"How many estimates should I get for my renovation in Goodyear AZ?"

We respect that you have many choices about who to hire to do your remodeling service in Goodyear. Just as we do not just automatically hire the first applicant when we are expanding our construction crews, we do not expect you to just hire the first company serving Goodyear that you find. If you are selective, then you will target only hiring a renovation company that you respect and trust. Now that you have found us, that may be very easy!

We recommend that, if you are not in a rush, you get enough bids that you are distinctly comfortable with at least two of the companies providing you an estimate or bid in Goodyear. (Further, we recommend that if you are in a rush, you slow down!) Then, once you are comfortable with at least two estimators, you can show both of those estimators the estimate from the other company and ask them to explain the differences in the two estimates. That is exactly what we would do if we were you.

Especially for a major remodeling job in Goodyear AZ, we think that the extra caution and selectiveness will be worth the time that you will put in to it. We are confident that when you give us the chance, we will earn your confidence, earn your business, and, when we complete your remodel, earn your highest recommendation to others.

"Who is the best remodeling contractor for me in Goodyear?"

We are confident that you can find cheaper, slower, and less skilled contractors in Goodyear. You can even find contractors that are faster than our team, but perhaps at the expense of caution and quality.

We know how insurance company specialists would remodel their own home. We know why. (To learn more about our extensive personal experience with insurance company adjusters, read more about us by clicking here: the best remodeling contractors in Arizona) We are the experts at performing the highest quality work, plus we charge rates that most people find to be an exceptionally good value.

One issue that can be a drawback for people who are in a rush is that, for major remodeling projects in Phoenix, we may not be available as fast as you would prefer. Our availability can fluctuate considerably, especially if our restoration crews get extremely busy during monsoon season with a lot of hail storms or flooding. Again, when you contact us, we will be totally honest with you as to how soon we can begin your remodel. Fortunately, our crews are very fast (because of superior skill and planning), so our efficiency can balance out the fact that we may only be available a week or two later than contractors who are not as busy (who are not in as much demand). Contact us now to find out about our current availability for your remodeling project in Phoenix.

Emergency restoration services in AZ: Water damage, storm damage, fire damage, & more

Storm damage repair for roofs in Goodyear AZ

If there have been heavy winds or a hail storm recently and you are concerned about storm damage to the roof of your home or commercial building in Goodyear, Arizona, then we recommend that you contact us immediately. We can assess the damage to your roof and also review your insurance coverage and even warranty coverage. Many roofs come with long periods of warranty coverage which can save you the money that you would otherwise pay out-of-pocket for an insurance deductible when we repair or replace your roof for you in Goodyear.

Other damage restoration services for roofs in Goodyear AZ (from fire, etc)

We offer Goodyear AZ emergency restoration services to repair damage caused by fire, water, mold, and wind. Fire damage can be the most extensive and obvious, including the lasting scent of smoke. Water damage can also be extensive, but is not always as obvious.

In particular, after a storm or leak, the moisture can accumulate rapidly and then suddenly overflow and flood into the ceiling, walls, and floors. Or, even if the water is just leaking very slowly, then there can still be serious problems with mold within a few days. Mold is just not a problem for the long-term stability of the walls themselves, but can lead to serious health problems for you and your family.

If your home in Goodyear had some recent leakage or flooding, then we recommend that you promptly request professional moisture testing to determine whether you are heading for a serious problem with mold. Just because you cannot currently see or feel any moisture on your floor does not mean that too much moisture did not get somewhere that you do not want it. To schedule an emergency inspection, contact us immediately by clicking here: "I need to know if the water got in to my walls and will cause mold!"

Mold damage repair & inspections in Goodyear AZ

Mold damage can be difficult for the average homeowner in Goodyear to recognize, so our inspection specialists come equipped to make precise tests and measurements. Your homeowner's insurance will cover some types of mold damage, such as from a burst pipes like on your refrigerator, air conditioning system, or water heater. If there has been water damage to your home or building in Goodyear AZ within the last few days, then it is extremely important for you to contact us immediately so that we can prevent the added complication of mold contamination (and the need for extensive re-mediation services). Use the form here to request an inspection: "I need an inspection for damage from mold!"

"My home in Goodyear had flooding or water damage. How fast should I get an estimate?"

With water damage, you should act very quickly. Because mold can start to become a serious issue within just 2 days of the initial water damage, you not only want to have the inspection completed prior to that, but have the restoration work already in progress. Unlike many other services, we recommend that if you are totally comfortable with the estimate you get from us, then act immediately. Since your insurance company is probably paying for the damage restoration service in Goodyear, it can be relaxing to contact them and get the opinion of their specialists (who should also have plenty of expertise in how fast water damage needs to be inspected and repaired).