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Need an emergency repair service in Phoenix fast?

For emergency roof repairs and other emergency restoration services, we service Phoenix AZ and surrounding parts of Arizona.

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emergency roof repair
in Phoenix, Arizona

(including from hail, storms, wind, & fire)

other emergency repairs &
damage restoration services

(including from water, flood, fire, & smoke)

In addition to emergency roof repairs and emergency damage restoration services in Phoenix AZ,
we also provide many other services. To see a full list, click services in AZ.

"Which emergency repair company in Phoenix should I choose?"

If I knew nothing about a company and I wanted to quickly get some insight on the quality of their services, why not find out what past customers say? That makes sense, right?

So, there are several written reviews throughout this site, including these: why to hire a company that offers you respect, credibility, & value. Plus, you can listen to an audio testimonial (lasting 3 minutes) from a senior citizen in Sun City by clicking here: recommendation about a renovation service in Phoenix.

Who else can give you quick insight on whether you should hire a company? Neutral experts in a related field who have worked with lots of similar companies can actually give very specific comparisons between companies.

"Why do insurance companies prefer some restoration companies over others?"

If you need an emergency damage restoration service in AZ, then who can you trust to help you select a specific one? Consider that your insurance company frequently deals with a variety of claims relating to damage restoration. Certain employees of the insurance company will have lots of expertise with several different local restoration contractors.

Depending on the policies of the insurance company, the employees may not formally recommend one contractor over another. However, we invite you to contact us and then we can tell you the only restoration company in Phoenix that we recommend. You can ask your own insurance agent if they have much experience with that company and whether they consider the company above average or average or what. (If you ask about a specific restoration company, then your insurance agent may be allowed to make a comment... even if they are not allowed to make a specific recommendation.)

So, you might not find this kind of an invitation on the websites of most restoration contractors in Phoenix. We have this invitation here because we are very confident in the reputation of the damage restoration service contractor that we will refer to you.

"What do contractors within the restoration industry say about a company?"

As a related note, the restoration company that we recommend for you to use has a lot of long-term employees because this company treats their employees well. Employees of other local restoration companies have heard good things about working for this company and so they left positions with competitors to become employees here or even to become partners (partial owners) of this company.

I won't take the time here to detail the unfavorable things that I have heard, but when a company has outstanding integrity and ethics, then they do not race through jobs so that they can get to the next one faster. (That can be an extremely serious issue when there is a hail storm and a flood of phone calls for repairs of roof leaks from hail.) You deserve for the job to be done well to it's completion, which includes thorough inspections at every stage of the process plus a thorough cleaning job so that your home (or commercial building) does not look like a construction site after the restoration is declared complete by the contractor.

So, it is not our business to detail the practices or reputations of specific competitors. However, we can put you in contact with our restoration experts and they can give examples of why they left other restoration companies in Arizona (without having to name a particular company) plus what you can expect from a superior restoration company. They can talk about how their specific practices and protocols are superior (plus reinforce why so many insurance agents prefer to work with certain restoration companies over most).

"Should I hire a restoration company that mainly has experience outside of Arizona?"

One issue that is general enough that a non-expert can understand the basic details is this: people who are experienced in the restoration industry but not in the unique climate of the dry heat of Phoenix can overlook a variety of small details and precautions that will be very valuable to you in the long run. However, they may have never needed to be attentive to those precautions if the were only working in the damage restoration field in cooler or moister climates. They have never learned of the long-term consequences of over-looking those details. To learn more about the advantages of hiring a contractor that has lived their whole life (and originally trained in their field) here in Phoenix, click the best damage restoration methods for Phoenix.

Not just emergency repairs!

Here is a list of the services that we most frequently provide to people in Phoenix, AZ and nearby areas:

Asbestos removal

bathroom remodeling

Casita construction
Custom homes
carports- from construction of a new carport to
enclosing a carport for use as a garage or living space
(conversions of a carport to a garage)
conversion of a garage to a living space Conversion of a patio, porch, or attic

Damage restoration:
(from water, leaks, fire, flood, storm, hail, etc...
design & build services

Emergency repairs (see "repairs" under "R")
Enclosing a carport for use as a garage or living space
Enclosing a patio or porch (like in to a sunroom)

Fire damage restoration
fireplace remodeling
Flood damage restoration

construction of new garages,
remodeling & renovations,
conversions to a garage from a carport, &
conversions of a garage to something else
Garage Doors: repairs & installation
Guest House Construction
Guest House + RV Garage

Home construction
Hail damage repairs to roof

kitchen remodeling

Leaks: emergency leak repair, leak detection, & leak prevention

Mold Remediation

patio enclosures & conversions
Plumbing: emergency water damage repairs and
annual service: plumbing inspection including replacement parts for preventing leaks and water damage porch conversions

remodels of a kitchen, bathroom, garage, patio, porch, attic, carport, or fireplace
Repairs: of your roof, of damage from water, fire, wind, etc..., of garage doors
Restoration of damage from water, fire, flood, storm, hail, etc...
Roofing: inspections, new roofs, repairs, estimates, replacement roofs (tile, flat, asphalt shingle, etc...)
RV garage construction

Storm damage restoration
Smoke damage restoration

Water damage repair & restoration
Water heater leak repairs
Wind damage repair (for roofs, etc...)